COVID-19 Policy

Keeping you safe at FFF Manchester

We want everyone at the festival to enjoy their time in Manchester safely and responsibly. Please continue to show respect, consideration and kindness to others, and be respectful of personal space and boundaries wherever possible. 

The venue and festival facilities should be fully open and operating as normal at the time of the 2023 festival. 

Seating at screenings and other events including guest Q&A is on a non-allocated basis. This could mean you are seated next to someone at busy screenings or events. Please leave space between yourself and others where possible.

Safety and other measures

  • Before you attend the festival, if you would like to take a lateral flow test this is at your own discretion but is a good idea to protect yourself and others.
  • Please do not attend if you have a positive LFT or are displaying Covid-19 symptoms. 
  • Masks will not be required by the festival organisers, unless current rules change, but will be a matter of personal choice and will not be frowned upon if anyone wishes to wear them.
  • Festival staff will only wear face coverings out of personal choice, and we expect audiences and visitors to do the same in all screenings/events, social settings and around the building.
  • On arrival at the festival, you may be asked to select a rubber band that symbolises how you feel about interaction with others and social distancing. Everyone’s personal feelings should then be respected:
      • Red – Social distancing required
      • Yellow – Happy not to social distance but no physical contact
      • Green – Hugs welcome
  • Festival guests may have their own physical contact/social distancing requirements, which may extend to photographs should they be available – please respect all such wishes and follow relevant instructions at all times.
  • Only festival ticketholders will be admitted to events/screenings. There may be a limited number of walk-ins available on the day.
  • The venue may have but we cannot guarantee an enhanced cleaning programme in force during the festival.
  • You may wish to continue using the NHS Track and Trace app

If you have any concerns, please speak to a festival volunteer – we will do everything we can to help us all stay safe without it affecting a great festival experience for all.

Last updated: January 2023

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